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Felipe de Jesus Cantu, candidate for governor of Nuevo León; Javier Gándara to Sonora; Carlos Mendoza Davis in Baja California Sur

Felipe de Jesus Cantu, candidate for governor of Nuevo León; Javier Gándara to Sonora; Carlos Mendoza Davis in Baja California Sur


1.-The PRD National Council approved the list of candidates to occupy a “Plurinominal” deputy seat; the proportional seats given to each party.  From this list former Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard was excluded as well as the leader of the National Democratic Left (IDN), René Bejarano; actor Sergio Mayer and former leader of the student movement #YoSoy132, Antonio Attolini. Candidates approved were: Jesús Zambrano, Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo, Agustín Basave, Luis Maldonado, Hortensia Aragón and Omar Ortega.

2.- In Nuevo León the National Action Party (PAN) chose Felipe de Jesús Cantú as candidate for governor, after defeating Margarita Arellanes in the primary.

3.- The PRD nominated Beatriz Mojica Morga as candidate for governor in the state of Guerrero.

4.- The President of the National Action Party (PAN) Gustavo Madero, requested the National Electoral Institute (INE) to work alongside the federal government to safeguard the upcoming elections.


Enforced disappearances are widespread in Mexico and most of them go unpunished, denounced the Committee of the United Nations (UN) on Enforced Disappearances. The Committee gave Mexico’s government one year to provide information on the search of missing people, to create a Single Register of Victims of Enforced Disappearance, to implement public policies to fight this phenomenon and prevent and investigate the disappearances of migrants, including children, among others.


The National Electoral Institute (INE) reported that on Friday the 13th, the Institute, terminated the contract to the consortium led by SCYTL Mexico, in which they had negotiated -since September 2014- the development of an online accounting system to monitor campaign spending of political parties candidates and independent candidates.


The head of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Luis Raúl González Pérez expressed as unacceptable the murder of the Mexican Antonio Zambrano by police in the United States. Gonzalez said they will request the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in compliance with international humanitarian law, that guidance and support is granted to family members of Zambrano.


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